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To Do Great, Right A Little Wrong (2014)

Play dates 26 April 2014 (start of principal photography) - 15 November 2014 (premiere)


The story behind To Do Great, Right A Little Wrong is as fascinating as the story that is told in the film itself. For the film is wholly directed, written, produced and played by (former) members of the Cobbenhagen Company of Drama. For everyone it was the first film production they were involved in.

In the summer of 2013 Sander Akkermans and Stan Coomans brought up the idea to produce a short film instead of a play. A theme for the film was quickly decided upon: it had to be something associated with Shakespeare - the Company does perform one of his plays every other year.

The film was financed through crowdfunding and supported by Kunstbalie/BKKC and had a true cinema premiere in Cinecitta, Tilburg, on 15 November 2014.

The producers of the film founded film company Brief Candle Productions in 2015.




On a deserted heath, three witches are brewing a potion in a cauldron. Well...two of them are; the Third Witch is caught up in reading the Complete Works of William Shakespeare. She gets caught up in a real adventure when Puck, naughty spirit, accidentally throws the book into the cauldron, causing all the stories from the plays to get mixed up:

Juliet suddenly shouts the war cries of King Henry V, Oberon deals pills to a desperate Romeo in a back alley, Hamlet and Macbeth sit at the same dinner table....Puck and the Third Witch have to race against time to collect the scattered pages and put them in the right order again before it is too late.




Cast & Crew

Cast & crew “To Do Great, Right a Little Wrong”


Puck                             Stijn Riemen

The Third Witch             Meike Weijtmans

Hamlet                        Geert Linders

Macbeth                       Ivar van der Steen

Romeo                         Harry van Roestel

Juliet                            Lara Lanslots

First Witch                   Martine Becx

Second Witch              Maddy Lanslots

Lady Capulet               Anniek de Jong

Mrs Egeus                   Loes Houweling

Claudius                      Joes Adriaansens

Horatio                        Sander Akkermans

Nick Bottom                Erik van Oosten

Oberon                        Bart Kampert

Snug                            Stan Coomans

Lady Macbeth             Alissa Pruijt



Directed by                              Sander Akkermans

Written by                               Maddy Lanslots, Meike Weijtmans

Produced by                Thessa van Aerde – executive producer; Sander Akkermans, Stan Coomans, Maddy Lanslots, Meike Weijtmans

Edited by                     Sander Akkermans, Stan Coomans

Director of photography         Sander Akkermans

Sound                          Stan Coomans

Sound mixing              Joep van Zoelen

Graphics and animation         Stan Coomans, Meike Weijtmans