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Shakespeare Speaking Contest (2012)

Play dates 16 March 2012 and 2 February 2015


“The Shakespeare Speaking Contest” was first performed in 2012 during the interval of the Junior Speaking Contest Regional Finals (a contest for tto junior students). When these finals were held at Cobbenhagen again in 2015, the script was slightly adapted to include some different Shakespearean characters.

In both performances the character of Portia served as mistress of ceremonies and the ‘contestants’ would perform an actual speech from a Shakespeare play: Henry V’s ‘Once more unto the breach’ and Romeo and Juliet’s balcony speeches featured in both productions.


Characters from several of Shakespeare’s plays come together to decide who will win the annual Shakespeare Speaking Contest. Portia, the clever young woman from “The Merchant of Venice”, tries to keep the contest running according to the rules, but as is often the case in Shakespeare’s plays, things do not go as planned…




Cast & Crew

Written and directed by Thessa van Aerde

Cast 2012

Portia Meike Weijtmans
King Henry V Geert Linders
Macbeth Stijn Riemen
Lady Macbeth Nachenthaly Francisco
Romeo Jordy Henraat
Juliet Loes Houweling
Shylock Lars Brekelmans
Beatrice Gwenda Haans

Cast 2015

Portia Lara Lanslots
Titania Rüveyda Soyupak
Hamlet Senn van de Sande
Lady Macbeth Floor Veldmeijer
Romeo Tommie van Wanrooij
Juliet Jet Nitsche
King Henry V Hajco Bodewes