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Romeo and Juliet (2011)

Play dates 20 April 2011


Presented in a timeless yet contemporary style, the Company’s “Romeo & Juliet” featured very realistic stage fights choreographed by Eon Romswinckel who also played Tybalt. A real bed was moved on and offstage several times, real flowers surrounded Juliet on her ‘deathbed’ and during the course of the production, ‘Romeo’ and ‘Juliet’ were a real couple – which made their love story all the more convincing. And no one who saw the play is likely to have forgotten the blessings of Father Laurence…


It is the classic tragic love story. Love at first sight as Romeo meets Juliet, even though their families have been in a feud no one can remember the beginning of. The street fights, the secret marriage and tragic deaths of the young lovers were given their own spin by the Cobbenhagen Company.




Cast & Crew

The Cast

Romeo Sander van den Hout
Juliet Roselie van Gemert
Nanny Julia Lutgerink
Father Laurence Erik van Oosten
Mercutio Jelle de Vriend
Benvolio Koen Houtepen
Tybalt Eon Romswinckel
Capulet Joes Adriaansens
Lady Capulet Kimberley Josefina
Paris Jordy Henraat
Montague Jeroen Leijs
Lady Montague Meike Weijtmans
Abraham/Friar John Bart Kampert
Balthasar Joni Snelders
Gregory Noor Schmitz
Sampson/Apothecary Lars Brekelmans
The Prince of Verona Ward Hoop
Servant Nigel Kennedy
Newspaper seller Cheryl Wong Chung
The Prince's Guards Imro Aloemi, Quincy Wirjosentono
Citizen of Verona Suzan Wilborts

The Crew

Regie en productie Thessa van Aerde, Ad Bruynzeels
Licht en geluid Lex Willems en Joep van Zoelen (Back on track djs), Sander Akkermans, Stijn Riemen
Decor Joes Adriaansens, Ton Sips
Kostuums Pien van Berkel, Maudy Diependaal
Props Laura van Miltenburg, Naomi Tran, Susan Vermeer
Haar en make-up Puck van Druten, Alexandra Geux, Janine van Oers
Gevechtschoreografie Eon Romswinckel
Danschoreografie Iris Pelgrim
Promotie Maddy Lanslots, Avan Soufy
Grafische ontwerpen Joes Adriaansens
Muziek Quinty Gumbs, Maddy Lanslots