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Project Unknown (2012)

Play dates 17 & 18 April 2012


“Project Unknown” was the first production to use what is now a fixed component of any Company production: a writing team. Bart Kampert, Maddy Lanslots and Meike Weijtmans wrote an original story inspired by a mix of existing science fiction stories. A devoted decor team then created Skywalker Station in meticulous detail – using mainly paper and cardboard, and some old-fashioned computer monitors – on the stage. Epic lightsaber fights and playback performances were held during dress rehearsal – the stage asked for it.

“Project Unknown” was also the first production to be performed twice: a matinee performance for the tto junior classes (a fair part of the then third years would become Company members the following year) and a fabulously succesful evening performance the next day.

There is one thing, though, that no one thought of at the time: to take a photograph of Geert Linders as he performed Albert’s voice live backstage (where he could follow the action onstage via a camera link.) This way, Albert retains a touch of mystery.


At the start of the 22nd century the Everdeen Corporation is constructing the first city in space. London Everdeen, daughter of the Corporation’s owner, has set up her own ‘hobby project’ in the small Skywalker Station: two radio-astronomers listen for signs of possible extra-terrestrial life, an artist lets himself be inspired by stars and nebulas, a nanobiologist spends her days in the lab and all the while the experienced technical crew makes sure the station keeps ‘floating’. When London visits her station, accompanied by a pilot, a journalist and two tourists, it soon becomes clear that someone aboard the station is working on a whole other, unknown project…Chief mechanic Abby and the station’s artificial intelligence unit, Albert, try to find out who that person is.




Cast & Crew

Abby Tereshkova Meike Weijtmans
Albert Geert Linders
Steve Gates Bart Kampert
Adrian Bruco Koen Houtepen
Jodi Faisseur (Kirk) Martine Becx
Tom Sipps (Spock) Jordy Henraat
Susan Fermi (Sue) Nachenthaly Francisco
Ole Jensen Rasmussen Benjamin Geurts
Dr Lea Rake Saffira Inkiriwang
London Everdeen Sudevi Knaapen
Kate Mchumba Merugia Vrede
Rebecca Assange Marieke van Zoelen
Harry Brown Ivar van der Steen
Violet Brown Melissa Kir


Written by Bart Kampert, Maddy Lanslots, Meike Weijtmans & Thessa van Aerde
Story Joes Adriaansens, Thessa van Aerde,  Bart Kampert, Maddy Lanslots, Meike Weijtmans
Light & sound Lex Willems & Joep van Zoelen (Back on Track dj's), Stan Coomans
Art direction/decor Stijn Riemen, Sander Akkermans, Jade van Pelt, Joep van Zoelen, Stan Coomans, Jeanne Kneuse & Ton Sips
Props Petra Dekkers, Lissa de Gouw, Evelien Lommers
Costumes Ysha Beugelsdijk, Quinty Gumbs, Julia Lutgerink, Noor Schmitz
Hair & make-up Laura de Brouwer, Daniel Secci, Belle de Veer & Janine van Oers
PR & promotion Femke van Disseldorp, Saffira Inkiriwang
Director & production Thessa van Aerde