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Master of the Mill (2014)

Play dates 25 & 26 February 2014


Adapting a novel for the stage is not an easy task, but Pien de Kruijf, Pilar Kurban and Kimbly Pullens pulled it off. The use of a narrator and live singing added new aspects to the Company’s repertoire, not to mention the meters and meters of unbleached cotton – and some black – that were used to create the costumes for the play.

The prop kettle used by apprentice Lya, the real cabbage leaves in it, the burlap sacks and brightly coloured patchwork blankets further contributed to a beautifully bleak design for a story that was sometimes difficult to play because of the emotions involved, but knew a happy ending nonetheless.


Master of the Mill is the Cobbenhagen Company's own adaptation of "Krabat", a German young adult novel written by Otfried Preussler - a dark fairytale about friendship and the choice between good and evil.

England, the 9th century. Young wanderer Wulf is called to the Mill in the Dead Marsh - a Mill where its Master teaches his seven apprentices more than the miller's trade: the Mill is a school for the dark arts.

Wulf soon feels at home at the Mill very soon - at least he has got a roof over his head and enough to eat - but he discovers, too, that the life of an apprentice there is not without danger. The Master does not tolerate any form of opposition.

But when Wulf gets to know the May Queen of the nearby village of Burnholm, he eventually begins to see a chance to escape the Master of the Mill...


Achter de schermen




Cast & Crew

The Cast

The May Queen Jet Nitsche
Wulf Sam Nonnekes
The Master Hajco Bodewes
Lya – apprentice at the Mill Kimbly Pullens
Ferra – First Apprentice Pauline Hanckmann
Edwys – apprentice Pien de Kruijf
Edgar – apprentice Ivar van der Steen
Gill – apprentice Pilar Kurbán
Herewald – apprentice Reccardo de Wijs
Wynne – apprentice Robyn Coeshott
Pip - apprentice Jasper van Tongeren
The Woman in Red Marieke van Zoelen
Thomas of Burnholm Sem Elands
Aelf (soldier) Richie Tessensohn
Dudda (soldier) Senn van de Sande
Orm (soldier) Jop Spijkers
Two women from Burnholm Renee Gommers, Kiek Pijpers
The May Dancers Lara Lanslots, Floor Veldmeijer, Ylana Pasman
Wulf and Pip’s friend Lara Lanslots

The Crew

Written by Pien de Kruijf, Pilar Kurbán, Kimbly Pullens, Thessa van Aerde
Directed by Thessa van Aerde
Art direction Jeanne Kneuse
Set construction Ton Sips
Graphic design Tristen Haumahu Loes Jussen Evelyn Janssens Alperen Elver  
Costumes Mijke Akkermans, Bente van Vastenhoven, Sanne Nelis, Lara Lanslots
Stage design Jeroen van Meurs, Simone de Kort, Sanne Akkermans, Menno Riemen, Tim Nonnekes, Pavel Promnik
Hair & Make-up Rikkie Nitsche Monique Smit Sanne Akkermans
Props Andrea Mateijsen, Joëlle van Vessem, Renate van Vugt
PR Femke van Disseldorp, Robin Bredo, Jorn de Vos, Cindy van Miltenburg, Brigitte Geerman
Video Sander Akkermans, Soufyan Mazouz, Yannick Wirjosentono