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Macbeth (2009)

Play dates 17 June 2009


Staging “Macbeth” was an adventure. There had not been a drama production like this at Cobbenhagen for many years and none of the people involved had much experience in this area – they all learned quickly.

The script went through many revisions, actors struggled to remember their lines. But rehearsals were always a source of great fun and laughter (and not only because of ‘bloopers’) and all aspects of the production, from folding programme leaflets and selling tickets to gathering costumes and props was done collectively. In spite of a ‘classic’ failure of a dress rehearsal, hopes for the performance were high and they were more than met. “Macbeth” kicked off a new theatrical tradition and is fondly remembered by cast and crew.


Macbeth, a succesful general in the Scottish army, receives a mysterious prophecy from three witches: they predict that he will become king. Spurred on by his wife, Lady Macbeth, Macbeth decides to give fate a little hand when King Duncan comes to stay at his castle: he murders the king in his sleep.

Because the king's own sons are suspected of the murder, the crown falls to Macbeth. From then on, however, he begins to see conspiracies against him everywhere and a deep feeling of guilt drives both him and Lady Macbeth slowly mad.




Cast & Crew

The Cast

Macbeth Joes Adriaansens
Lady Macbeth Alina Mogutchikh
The Three Witches Jodi van Nunen, Manon Prince, Lieke van der Steen
Macduff Jordy Leal
Banquo Filip van der Loo
Malcolm Harry van Roestel
The Noblemen Kübra Korkmaz, Ilona van de Linden, Tom van Bommel
Fleance Sergej Seepma
Anne Hathaway, reporter Aniek van Houtum
Newsreader / Nurse Milan Hanckmann
Attendant / Lady Macduff Marloes van de Bersselaar
First Murderer Gerard van Roestel
Doctor / Second Murderer Erik van Oosten
Banquet guests Jessica Faesen, Rowan Snelders, Suzan Wilborts
Make-up lady Fabian Schoenmakers

The Crew

Direction Thessa van Aerde, Ad Bruynzeels
Light and sound Sven Jacobs
Decor en costumes Ton Sips
Grime Fabian Schoenmakers, Janine van Oers
Production Sonny Mathura, Thessa van Aerde