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Dying for Christmas (2016)

Play dates 8 & 9 March 2016


“Dying for Christmas” is inspired by the novels of Agatha Christie, the Queen of Crime. The story was created in a process new to the Company: a brainstorm session with 15 people led to a basic plan for plot, characters and murder methods, all of which were finetuned by the ‘creative team’: ca. 12 people providing input into story and production aspects. From the creative team, Floor Veldmeijer and Tommie van Wanrooij were selected as script writers and Sanne Akkermans, Hajco Bodewes and Menno Riemen oversee the design aspects (stage, costumes and props) of the production.

In March 2016 we hope to welcome you to the Grant Island Hotel in which our cast will no longer look like Cobbenhagen students, but shady and/or glamourous 1930s characters!


Christmas, 1937: a group of very diverse guests find themselves at the Grant Island Hotel on a small island off the southern English coast. Some of them appear to have some secrets in their past and that may be the reason why the hapless hotel owner, Charles Grant, is found murdered in his bed on Christmas morning.

Two crime writers, Helen Carter and Thomas Lockwood, who happen to spend their Christmas holiday in the hotel, are asked by Mrs Robson, the housekeeper, to begin the investigation until the moment the police can be alerted – the phone lines have been cut.

None of the guests seem to have a motive to kill Grant, until Helen and Thomas stumble across clues to a sinister conspiracy…


Tech Rehearsal - set 1


Dying for Christmas - Achter de schermen



Cast & Crew

The Cast

The Writers  
Helen Carter Bente van Vastenhoven
Thomas Lockwood Hajco Bodewes
The Hotel Staff  
Charles Grant Nick Notenboom
Mrs Robson Floor Veldmeijer
Billy Jorn de Vos
Philip, the handyman Bart Slenders
The Suspect Guests  
Catherine Beaumont Lotje Diepstraten
Isabella Beaumont Danique Crestian
James Bennett Emilio Haumahu
Major Anthony Hastings Tommie van Wanrooij
Madama Galimatías Maryem Lhajoui
Lizzy Thornton Jet Nitsche
The Unsuspecting Guests  
Olivia Quinn My-Y Trinh
Miss Jane Abbott Renée Gommers
George Smith Senn van de Sande
Winifred Smith Shania van der Ven
Professor Gruberg Jasper van Tongeren
Michelle Warren Cindy van Miltenburg

The Crew

Director Thessa van Aerde
Written by Floor Veldmeijer & Tommie van Wanrooij
Creative Team

Sanne Akkermans, Hajco Bodewes, Nejra Cantro, Renée Gommers,

Emilio Haumahu, Jet Nitsche, Menno Riemen,

Senn van de Sande, Bente van Vastenhoven,

Floor Veldmeijer, Tommie van Wanrooij
Stage design & props

Hajco Bodewes, Menno Riemen, Ton Sips

Tim Nonnekes, Sanne Akkermans

Bram Pulles, Marinus Horsten

Costumes, hair & make-up

Sanne Akkermans

Joan Bosveld, Melissa Tasdelen

Roos Anemaat, Rafaela Eftimie

Janine van Oers


Nejra Cantro, Jorn de Vos

Jasmine Boor, Sau-Yon Kan, Dominique Schuurmans, Robyn Coeshott

Poster design Bente van Vastenhoven, Marwan Lesteluhu, Alptekin Elver