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Death on the Nile (2010)

Play dates 10 March 2010


After seeing Agatha Christie’s famous play “The Mousetrap” at the IB classes’ London trip, it was decided that the play to follow “Macbeth” should be a period murder mystery. Directors Thessa van Aerde and Ad Bruynzeels adapted the screenplay of the 1978 film version of Agatha Christie’s “Death on the Nile” to a stageplay; Ton Sips oversaw the art direction and a crew of students turned the cast members into glamourous 1930s characters by choosing the right costumes and doing wonderful things with hair and make-up.

The play was a great success and several members of the audience had no clue as to who the murderer could be until Poirot revealed him.


Wealthy heiress Linnet Doyle and her husband Simon intend to spend a splendid honeymoon in the shape of a cruise on the Nile. However, most of the fellow passengers seem to hold a grudge against Linnet – Simon’s former fiancée and now stalker Jackie even expresses the wish to kill Linnet.

So when Linnet is found murdered in her bed the morning after Jackie has shot Simon in the leg, detective Hercule Poirot has no shortage of suspects. But the truth baffles even him.




Cast & Crew

The Cast

Hercule Poirot Tom van Bommel
Colonel Race Harry van Roestel
Linnet Doyle Fabian Schoenmakers
Simon Doyle Daan Janssens
Jackie de Bellefort Myrthe Hanckmann
Dr Bessner Erik van Oosten
Salomé Otterbourne Alina Mogutchikh
Rosalie Otterbourne Lotte van Kemenade
Mrs Van Schuyler Anniek de Jong
Miss Bowers Manon Prince
Jim Ferguson Joes Adriaansens
Louise Bourget Kimberley Josefina
Andrew Pennington Sergej Seepma
The Captain Jelle Uijtdewilligen
The Stewards Imro Aloemi, Gerard van Roestel, Quincy Wirjosentono

The Crew

Direction, script and production Thessa van Aerde, Ad Bruynzeels
Light and Sound Lex Willems en Joep van Zoelen (Back on track djs), Tom Becx
Costumes Jessica Faesen, Rowan Snelders
Hair and Make-up Aniek van Houtum, Yvon Verstijnen, Janine van Oers
Stage design Ton Sips
Props Pien van Berkel, Maudy Diependaal, Laura van Miltenburg, Naomi Tran, Susan Vermeer
Promotion en posters Joes Adriaansens, Maddy Lanslots