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A Midsummer Night's Dream (2013)

Play dates 16th & 17th of April


Shakespeare meets The Beatles! The writing team of “Project Unknown” turned the original play into a delightful 1960s comedy, but keeping the original text for the ‘play-in-the-play’ which had the audiences in stitches!

A forest arose on the stage, beautifully backlit by LED-strips, and with Oberon’s VW minivan as the eye-catcher: lovingly crafted by a team of students and inspired by the design of The Beatles’s Yellow Submarine.

Costumes, too, were made by the Company, with some maternal assistance: proper 1960s dresses that are still put to good use in drama activities at school.


The Company’s version of Shakespeare’s romantic, fantastic comedy moves the action from ancient Athens to a school newly opened in 1968 (just like Cobbenhagen): the teachers are planning a feast and a ragtag group of students are planning a play for the feast. Hermia and Lysander are planning to run away because her mother do not want them to be together. Just like the students rehearsing their play, they move into the forest next to the school, followed by Demetrius who has his eyes on Hermia; and he in turn is followed by Helena, who is completely in love with him.

In the forest their paths will cross each other and that of Oberon, King of the Fairies, who is trying to get even with his Queen, Titania. Oberon’s helper Puck stirs things up quite a bit, but all’s well that ends well and the young lovers and the teachers witness the disastrously funny performance of “The Tragedy of Pyramus and Thisbe”.



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Cast & Crew

The Cast

The Lovers  
Hermia Lara Lanslots
Lysander Sem Elands
Helena Nachenthaly Francisco
Demetrius Hajco Bodewes
The Fairies  
Puck Pien de Kruijf
Oberon Ivar van der Steen
Titania Merugia Vrede
Peaseblossom Evelien Lommers
Cobweb Lissa de Gouw
Moth Alissa Pruijt
Mustardseed Sabine Mateijsen
The Actors  
Nick Bottom (Pyramus) Stijn Riemen
Peter Quince Sander Akkermans
Franny Flute (Thisbe) Marieke van Zoelen
Tammy Snout (Wall) Kimbly Pullens
Snug (Lion) Stan Coomans
Robin Starveling (Moonshine) Brigitte Geerman
The Teachers  
Hippolyta Loes Houweling
Theseus Gido van Gijsel
Philostrate Pilar Kurban
Mrs Egeus, Hermia's mother Gwenda Haans

The Crew

Director Thessa van Aerde
Art director Jeanne Kneuse
Light and sound Joep van Zoelen & Lex Willems
Costumes Mijke Akkermans, Marlies Akkermans, Tamara Frooman, Pilar Kurban
Stage design Sander Boelaars, Imke van den Brand, Alperen Elver, Jeroen van Meurs, Ton Sips
Hair & make-up Rikkie Nitsche, Leeuwelijn Verwijst, Janine van Oers
Props Jasmijn van Pelt Camila Soria
PR Robin Bredo, Femke van Disseldorp
Graphic design Sander Akkermans, Stijn Riemen
VW Van built by Sander Akkermans, Stan Coomans, Pien de Kruijf, Alissa Pruijt, Stijn Riemen